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by Nicole Gallucci

On Aug. 14, a woman gave birth while on a Cebu Pacific plane, four hours into a flight from Dubai to Manila. In celebration of the birth, the Philippines airline gifted the baby girl, named Haven, 1 million air mile points.

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youpress media

08.08.16 – 8 PM – Palo Alto, California
This is where it all started from.
A swimming pool in Palo Alto, exactly 4 years ago.
Then we registered our companies both in the US and in UK and we started with the project develpment team.
In the last 18 months we’ve been testing servers and uploads.
We never really wanted to show off right what we wanted to be one day.
The day has just arrived and at least we have what we worked so hard to get it.
youPress Media is the first and only visual Newsroom of this digital era.
Evryone can register for free and upload images or videos with links to the news with any topic.
We are very serious about Copyright and we always request to list the source and the author.
Together with our visual Newsroom we bring 14 more magazines all available on our editorial plaftform.
Whatever you like to write about… probably you have the right magazine waiting for you on our plaftform.
Well. it’s time to press the start button in a few hours and both Palo Alto and London will start to run the biggest and very unique editorial Platform ever created.
At the very end, let me tell you how proud we are to have our editorial teams in California and UK to make the revision work inside our editorial offices all about human decisions.
We’ll never create any algorithm to cut jobs and let any artificial brain to take place instead of even just one human brain.

Thank you for waiting for so long